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Nowadays, features of the evolution of the state legal systems in the world are caused by not only national, but also many other factors that belong to national and international levels. One of the most important factors among mentioned above is globalization, which significantly affects all spheres of modern life, including the place, the role and functions of national states. That is why the article is devoted to generalization approaches to the essence of globalization, the analysis of its key features, cause it will allow to search current state and state-management mechanism trends.

The significance of the scientific analysis for Ukraine is enhanced by the fact that our country is in the process of harmonizing the legal system with international legal standards. Ukraine's integration into the world community, the European legal space, and the need for further harmonization of national legislation to European Union law are the reason of further research.

That is why there is an attempt to generalize the impact of globalization on modern national state in this article, which is the reason of different aspects: limiting state sovereignty, internationalization and modernization of the state and public administration.

The conclusions, made on the ground of this research are the following:

1. Globalization - is an objective phenomenon of ourdays, which is based on processes of formation of a fundamentally new relationship between the countries and peoples on the basis of the relationship and interdependence between them in all spheres of the international community.

2. Globalization generates two opposite but inextricably interrelated trends - universalization and regionalization.

3. The main role of the government is to choose the strategy of social development and the formation of a new paradigm of its operations that can provide: a) public participation in globalization; b) consistency, effectiveness globalization. The state on the one hand is forced to carry out unusual functions (informational security, innovative activity), and on the other its previous functions are in the process of modernization.


Globalization; the essence of globalization; the state; the impact of globalization on the state


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