Sergey Lulko


The article investigates factors effecting on motivation for committing crimes by prosecutors in Ukraine under present conditions. The author considers office crimes by prosecutors as the phenomenon charactrized by individual features taking into account both increased social danger of such category of crimes and specific nature of the objects in action. It was emphsized on this phenomenon latency and proposed a forecast for probability of criminal actions number growth (including identified actions) considering the implementation of the actions on reforming of prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. The motives typical for prosecutors’ office crimes which criminological aspects have not found its well-grounded description in Ukrainian researchers’ and experts’ works were separated from general specific motives for committing crimes. The experience obtained in the course of investigation can be used for working out the actions on office crimes prevention in prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.


official crimes; crime determinants; breac of law by prosecutors; motivation for criminal behavior; prevention


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