Oleh Levchenko, Oleksandr Ryzhenko, Sofia Sakalosh


The paper explores the issues faced when shaping the legal framework for electronic democracy in Ukraine and management for further development. Special focus is on the pilot local and regional Concepts on e-democracy, and on digital participation developed in Vinnytsia, Dnipro, and Vinnytsia region. Authors analyze compliance of local and regional Concepts with the National Concept for E-democracy development in Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in November, 8, 2017. For the most part, the documents comply with the national Concept and provide the detailed strategy for electronic democracy and digital participation development on the regional and local level. The current situation demonstrates that an effective management system should be in place for the decision-making process that includes all target groups.

The article also considers shortcomings of integrative and autonomous approaches of electronic democracy tools, and indicates the need to use integrative approach in management for drafting regional and local policies in electronic democracy. Authors consider that national legal framework should be the basis to develop local and regional solutions since the key element is democracy of decision-making.  This is provided by coordination of policies of different levels for making e-decisions in the area of participation in addition with the management approach for its sustainable functioning.

Digital participation requires effective strategical framework together with the effective usage of digital tools and citizen involvement in the decision making processes.

 Finally, authors admit that a coherent regulatory framework for e-governance and e-democracy, and common management approaches and standards for the development of digital tools will increase the transparency, openness and participation in the decision-making processes.


e-democracy; management; decision-making process; digital participation; electronic democracy in Ukraine; National Concept on e-democracy development in Ukraine; local and regional concepts; participatory democracy

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