Tetiana Bochulia, Pavlo Hrynko, Maruna Mukhina


The article is devoted to the solution of actual questions concerning modern trends of business development that promote competitive advantages and provide the effectiveness of economic innovation. The cycle of development of strategy and actualization of the competencies of the enterprise is formed. The adaptive strategy of enterprise development is proposed, which provides for the definition of the real internal state and understanding of the external situation as a combination of conditions and relations between formal and informal institutions that provide for the non-alternative benefits. The model of organizational culture as a dynamic category is formed, which corresponds to the life stage of the enterprise development, therefore, affects the management process not in a holistic manner, but according to the operational regulation of activity. A combination of core competencies in the implementation of the synergistic effect of activity is proposed that allows the most effective realization of core benefits, as derivatives from the set of resources and abilities used by a certain business system.


innovation trends; development; strategy; model; paradoxes of management

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