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In the article investigated the system of selecting priorities innovation of enterprise. Considered the essence of the concept of innovation in the legal framework and scientific periodicals. Founded that innovation in a market economy is one of the key factors that ensure efficiency and redistribution of tangible and intangible resources, competitiveness and influence on improving the return and profitability. Analyzed of the current state of innovation activity in Ukraine, through which stipulated that in Ukraine there are many problems and obstacles to innovation development of economy, but remains untapped innovation potential benefits that contribute to economic development.

Considered the priorities of innovation activity in Ukraine, which are divided into strategic and medium-term. Proposed using of the system the choice of priorities of innovation of the enterprises, which includes six consecutive stages. These stages are: research innovation potential levels national, regional, sectoral and enterprise levels; searching target markets for innovation; determine the resource potential of an innovative project by establishing requirements and review of financial resources; the timing of the implementation of innovative projects; definition and rationale for the introduction and implementation of innovations; study the reality of implementation and effectiveness of the implementation of innovative project. Determined that the system of selecting priorities innovation enterprise should also have certain options and tools to ensure this selection. Parameters such selection was determined as follows: the importance and maturity, scale, focus on the highest technological structure, in terms of structuring a hierarchical system. The instrument such selection set: legal, organizational, financial and economic. In implementing the priorities for innovation enterprises defined effects will be achieved, namely economic, social, technological, environmental.


innovation; innovation activities; system; innovation priorities

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