Olga Maslak, Oksana Zbyrannyk


The article deals with determining the main factors of the possibility of creating innovation product of Ukrainian engineering enterprises. The authors describe the stages of managing the process of establishing prospects of the innovation product creation, analyse the volumes of attracting capital investments of Ukrainian enterprises as an opportunity to modernize the national economy on this basis, consider interconnect between innovation product enhancing and the enterprise competitiveness level that can influence the realization of innovative potential of the enterprise, the implementation of advanced approaches to the manufacturing organization, product innovation and technology progressiveness, the development of competitiveness advantages, the total level of the enterprise competitiveness.

The research determines the category of innovation product and studies the influence of the product innovation on the level of engineering enterprise competitiveness. The article suggests establishing the versatility indicator of the enterprise product innovation that allows revealing the level of its ability to compete with competitors’ products successfully.


innovation product; enterprise innovation activity; engineering enterprise competitiveness; competitiveness advantages; versatility indicator of the enterprise product innovation

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