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The interrelation between the economic interests of Ukrainian industrial enterprises and their development is examined. The influence of internal and external environment factors on the enterprises` development is determined. It is defined that the basis of the industrial enterprises development is innovation activity aimed at the creation, use and expansion of innovations for the purpose of gaining a competitive advantage and production profitability. Problem issues of Zaporizhzhya region industrial enterprises` development are raised. The characteristic of their innovation activities and prospects of economic interests’ implementation are given. The strategic tasks of Zaporizhzhya industrial enterprises aimed at the increasing of competitiveness by improving quality and raising production efficiency, which in the future will increase sales are outlined. To achieve this goal they actively introduce new production, energy and resource saving technologies. The attention is focused on priority areas of Zaporizhzhya industrial enterprises innovative activity oriented to implementation of Ukrainian industrial enterprises, state and society economic interests. Today there is no doubt that Ukraine needs to transit to innovative model of economic development as practice shows that this innovative shift in the current development of the country can provide not only high rates of economic growth but also solves certain environmental, social problems, ensures competitiveness of enterprises and national economy in general, increases country`s export potential. Factors that negatively affect the implementation of the Ukrainian industrial enterprises economic interests today are marked. The main ways of Ukrainian industrial enterprises economic interests` implementation aimed at improving the structure and quality of production or social sphere, production of new competitive goods and services that positively impact socio-economic situation in the country, regions and industrial enterprises are proposed.


development; economic interests; stakeholders; innovative activity; innovation; competitive advantages; innovative policy


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