Yulia Klus, Vira Chizh


In the article the conceptual system of methodological principles of corporate innovation management in industry, in which the author added synergistic scientific approach that will allow more successfully structure the processes of corporate innovation management in industrial and effectively implement them; giving substantiated synergistic approach. Decisions of strategic and tactical issues in the enterprise unites effective management development. The main task of the modern manager - Learn to create opportunities, but not limited to solving problems. Consider special characteristics of the enterprise as a complex system. Synergetics investigated as a general theory of self in environments different nature, because the main distinguishing feature of the investigated processes of self-organization environments is that they leak. For a successful structuring processes of development management company must observe a number of principles of corporate innovation management in industry, based on integration, targeted, systemic, complex, situational and economic approach. Also added principle synergetic approach to the effective management of the enterprise, which is characterized by the principles of self-organization and self-development, openness to innovation and enterprise transformation.


enterprise; innovation; development; corporation; Synergetics


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